Amazon Fresh. Is it for you?

My thoughts on Amazon Fresh:

•At first I thought this might be good for some people but I don’t need it. I am perfectly capable and have the time to do grocery shopping. 

•Then my sister tried it and she loved it so I decided to use the free first month to check it out. Super smart of Amazon to offer the free trial so you can decide for yourself if it is for you. 

•The selection is good. Lots of brands that I normally use. I selected produce, dairy, meat and staples to check out the quality and freshness. 

•The pork tenderloin I received was excellent. Dairy products were all fresh and expiration dates were good. All of the produce was very fresh except some strawberries that were soft and they immediately refunded the cost and gave me a $9.99 credit on my Amazon account. 

•The prices were surprisingly ok! Might be a bit higher but I know that I am saving a lot by not buying “impulse” items that I always by in the grocery store. 

•Packaging is awesome. Delivered right to my door. Cold things cold. Frozen items frozen. I even ordered ice cream to see if it would stay frozen. 

•This would be an excellent service for shut-ins who are not able to get to the grocery store. 

•My next order is already in! I know that I will save way more than the $14.99 monthly charge in “impulse” buys alone!

•Try it. You might like it!

We Help Each Other. That’s What We Do. 

Here is a face to put to the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.

I just learned that my housecleaner, Maria’s, daughter – Karen- lost everything: home, car, and all her belongings in the flooding in Houston. On top of this Karen has recently been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She and her two children, a three year old girl and a sixteen year old boy, are currently in a shelter in Houston.

Maria will be leaving on Friday to travel to Houston to see if she can help her get a car and get into some housing. Also to see if they can get into the doctor because her appointment was cancelled due to the flooding. The appointment was to stage the cancer and discuss treatments.

You guys all know me and you know that I have never done any type of fundraising on my page before. BUT…. if you are looking for a way to help someone that was affected by the floods and you feel led and you want to know that your money will go to a specific person please consider donating to this gofundme account. ANY amount will help.

With everything going on in our country today it is amazing to see the stories coming out of Texas of people helping people. We have it in us. That is who we are.

Thank you so much in advance. #cancersucks #texas #thisisamerica

Here is the link for Maria’s gofundme account: