Kauai fun – Just us two




Our first 10 days on Kauai were just for us. This gave us some time to settle in and do some exploring. We rented a 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom house in Princeville for the month. It was gorgeous! We quickly unpacked and started our adventures.

One of the first things we looked for was food! We had decided that we were going to eat healthy while we were here. Yeah, that lasted a couple of days. But…the first place we did find was super good for you. No guilt eating here! Take a look at this acia bowl from Kalalea Juice Hale. After convincing the hubs that he would like it we ordered. Amazing! So fresh, healthy and yummy. We ended up making many return visits to this great little place.

We spent time lazing on the beach reading, going for walks and drives, cooking with fresh Hawaiian ingredients and just enjoying each other’s company. The days flew by in a tropical haze.

Fresh homemade pineapple salsa

Since we have been home we have discussed whether it would be better to have our “alone” days at the beginning of the trip, the end of the trip, or split them up. Right now I think we are leaning towards splitting them up a bit.

Next post……. kids and grandkids arrive!

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