Lego® Batman Sets – A Hit With the Grandkids


I love Lego®. All three of my boys loved playing with them when they were young. Truthfully, I think that the two who have kids still enjoy helping their little ones assemble the sets.

The Hubs and I took our two youngest grandkids to Costco recently. Now really, who takes their grandkids to Costco and DOESN’T come home with a little something extra in their cart that the kids found to buy? No one I know!

Our 5 year old granddaughter perused the books, dresses, and toys seeing what was available that day at her “favorite” store. Our 7 year old grandson, on the other hand, walked in, saw the Lego® Batman sets and knew just what he wanted. He chose the Mr. Freeze Ice Attack set.

Our little princess had three different things in the cart that she was trying to decide on. Wonder where she gets that from! Then she saw her brother’s choice and decided that was what she wanted as well. We went back to the Lego® display and she was excited to see that there was a Catwoman Catcycle Chase set. That did it. Everything else went back on the shelves.

Let me tell you. They had a great time assembling and playing with these. The older one helped his younger sister build hers. Even the Hubs and I got in on the assembly. Ok, I admit, I sat nearby and read while Grandpa was helping. But I was there for moral support and super tough Lego® related questions!

It was fun to see them working together to assemble the sets and to also see them playing together with them. I loved watching their interaction with each other while they were playing.

The sets were around $15 each which I felt was a great price for the amount of pieces in each and the size of the completed items. My boys played with Lego® sets all the time when they were younger and I have always appreciated  the quality of the Lego® brand. I love that the Lego® brand teaches kids to follow step by step directions while simultaneously inspiring them to design their own creations.

Yay for Costco! Yay for Lego®! Yay for grandkids!

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