Sushi! You can make it at home. Yum!

Sunday dinner. We love it. A time for the family to get together and touch base. This Sunday there were only six of us, all adults, at the house. The perfect time to try my hand at sushi.

My son and DIL gave me this sushi making kit from Williams Sonoma for my birthday. How fun is that? I was excited to see how my own homemade sushi would turn out.

I made the sticky rice the day before in my rice cooker. It needs to cool before you use it. There is a package of rice in the kit, but it is basically sushi rice (calrose), rice vinegar, sugar and salt. You can use this recipe here. I don’t know what the “kombu” is in the recipe and I didnt use it.

Two of my DILs were there to help me prep everything a give me moral support as I learned to roll the sushi rolls.

We prepared carrots, cucumber, avocado, imitation crab, store bought poke, asparagus (the first little stems from my garden this year!), sesame seeds, nori, wasabi mayo, and the crunch topping. We used panko bread crumbs for the crunch topping and just toasted them in the toaster oven.

I thought that the nori that came with the kit looked small so I bought a pack of large sheets. As you can see below, my first attempt rolling using the larger sheets did not turn out as planned! Way too big! The sheets that came with the kits turned out to be the perfect size. Of course!

Once I figured out the correct size nori to use, and the proper way to use the mat I was on a roll! (Pun intended!)

The hubs grilled some teriyaki chicken for my one son who does not eat fish. He loves to fish though. You may have seen a picture of him on a previous post holding a salmon. Also we added a yummy Asian Salad from Taylor Farms and voila, dinner was served!

I think that my first attempt at sushi was pretty good. Certainly not as beautiful and artistic as the real sushi chefs but not bad for a beginner.

I look forward to looking up some recipes and watching some sushi making videos on youtube and stepping up my sushi game!

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