Easy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup to the Rescue!

Well. I guess I really do need bone broth after all!

So glad that I made a big batch of the broth on Monday because yesterday I came down with a nasty sinus infection that has knocked me out for the past few days.

Today I had the energy to make it downstairs and when I opened the refrigerator I saw those lovely jars of bone broth. And the extra chicken meat that I plucked from the bones before making the broth. Win.

Ahh…… chicken soup! Nature’s antibiotic. (Although I got a Z Pack as well!) I have also read that chicken soup is good for sinus infections. I just know that when I am sick, chicken soup sounds so good.

I am not a fan of canned soups. The Hubs loves them but I try to make him homemade soup whenever I can. I always have Kirkland Organic Chicken Stock from Costco on hand but I was super excited to have my own homemade broth to use.

I looked through the pantry and the fridge and threw these ingredients in the Bella Electric Pressure Cooker and voila – an easy, fast, yummy soup was ready for my lunch. Now, back upstairs for a little nappy poo. We have tickets to see Billy Joel on Saturday at Dodger Stadium and I need to get better!

So yummy and comforting!

Here is how I made it:

Easy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

Serves about 6


4 stocks celery – cut into chunks

3-4 carrots, peeled and cut into chunks


Baby carrots – as much as you want (I usually don’t have baby carrots on hand-these were left over from something and I needed to use them up)

3/4 cup uncooked wild rice

1-2 cups cooked chicken

2 quarts chicken broth

Throw it all in the electric pressure cooker and push the “soup” button. Release pressure after timer beeps.

Garnish with green onions or whatever your little heart desires. Easy!


Do I Need Bone Broth?

I keep seeing “bone broth” popping up on my instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest feeds. Sounds disgusting, doesn’t it.

But then I started doing some research on it and apparently it is good for numerous bodily things. (Bodily things: a very scientific word for that which ails you.)

Here is a list of some of the things that bone broth is used for: arthritis/joint pain; metabolism, detox and weight loss; skin conditions; autoimmunity; digestion, leaky gut and IBS. Here is a link to an article on the information I found.

Today just happened to be the day that I went to Costco to pick up some groceries. Does anyone go to Costco and NOT pick up one of their rotisserie chickens? They are the best. Right?

Tonight we are having the Sweet Kale Salad with some of the rotisserie chicken on top and calling it a day. Easy peasy and perfect because we are still a little bit tired from the excitement of the wedding this weekend.

As I was picking the chicken off the bone I got to thinking about bone broth. Pretty weird huh? What a thing to be thinking of. Then I thought about how I throw the bones away every week from my rotisserie chicken. Which led me to think about my Bella Electric Pressure Cooker. Which, of course, led me to the internet.

I found this recipe and decided to give it a try. The first bonus I found was that I ended up with almost one cup more chicken than I usually get from a chicken because I really picked the bones clean before putting them in the pressure cooker. That is enough to add to a pasta meal or for chicken salad for the Hubs and I!

Look at all of this chicken I have been wasting!

I had all the ingredients for the broth on hand because they are pretty much staples. My fresh herbs are growing like gangbusters right now so I grabbed some fresh thyme and oregano and threw it in as well.

Here it is all ready to cook. I left the skin on the onion so the broth would have a richer color. Pretty sure it doesn’t add any health benefits but it will look pretty.

As I finish up on this post my bone broth has finished cooking and I have strained it. The recipe made about three and a half quarts. I poured some in a mug and I am sipping on it now. It’s pretty good. It has more taste than I thought it would. I am glad I added the fresh herbs to it because I can really taste them. The oregano and thyme is the perfect combo.

I don’t think that I will be throwing those rotisserie chicken bones away again. I’ll be making bone broth with them!


Drunken Split Pea Soup in the Bella® Electric Pressure Cooker

It’s the day after Easter and in our house that means just one thing: split pea soup! The Hubs and I love it but I only make it twice a year. I make it after our annual Christmas open house and after Easter. Those are the two times a year that I buy the fabulous spiral sliced ham at Costco.

I got a Bella® Electric Pressure Cooker earlier this year and I am just discovering the wonderful things it can do. Steel cut oats cook perfectly. Pinto beans are a snap. Beef stew? Ah-maz-ing. And soup….. 20 minutes!

I found this recipe online and adapted it a bit to suit my tastes. I substituted organic chicken broth for the water and sautéd the veggies before adding the other ingredients. I think it added a nice depth to it.

I read different recipes online and got conflicting instruction regarding quick release vs natural release. I choose to use the quick release because one site said that the quick release results in a creamier soup. I was not dissappointed.

I also switched the sherry to Marsala wine because that is what I had and that is how I roll! Trust me. You will want to add the splash of Marsala. It takes split pea soup to a whole other level. From everyday to “could be in a restaurant” good.

Ready to cook!

Be sure to clean your pressure valve as soon as it is cool enough as split peas can dry hard quickly, impacting your pressure next time you cook.

Hope you enjoy this soup as much as the Hubs and I did. Let me know in the comment section.

So creamy and delicious.

Drunken Split Pea With Ham Bone Soup in the Pressure Cooker

Serves: 4 meal size bowls or 8 cup size servings

1 lb split peas, rinsed and sorted

1 Tbsp avocado oil (or olive oil if desired)

2 carrots, chopped

2 ribs celery, chopped

1 small onion, chopped

1 1/2 tsp dried thyme

4 cups chicken broth

1 ham bone with some ham still attached

Splash of Marsala wine

Sour Cream or plain Greek yogurt to garnish

Turn pressure cooker to sauté function and let heat up a few minutes.

Add carrots, celery, and onion and sauté for 3-4 minutes until onions are translucent. Turn off pressure cooker.

Add split peas, dried thyme, broth, and ham bone.

Press the “Pressure Cook” button and set timer for 20 minutes.

Once pressure cooker beeps do and instant release. I always put a dish towel over the release valve so as not to have the steam spray all over.

Remove ham bone to cutting board and cut off meat. Chop meat and return to soup.

Ladle into cup or bowl, add a splash of Marsala wine and garnish with sour cream or plain Greek yogurt.